Welcome Belarusian Customers to DXTECH to Check the Laser Cutting Machine They Ordered

On May 20, 2024, we were delighted to welcome a valued customer from Belarus to our DXTECH factory headquarters. The purpose of their visit was to thoroughly inspect the 1530SPT series sheet and tube fiber laser cutting machine that they had ordered from us back in March of this year.

Checking the sheet and tube laser cutting machine in factory

  The customer, a long-time client of DXTECH, had placed an order for this advanced fiber laser system to upgrade their manufacturing capabilities. The 1530SPT model they selected features a fully enclosed, environmentally-friendly design that provides a safe and efficient operating environment for the user. This sheet and tube laser cutting machine seamlessly combines the functionality of both sheet metal cutting and tube/pipe cutting, eliminating the need for a separate dedicated tube cutting system.
Based on the customer's specific requirements, our engineering team customized this 1530SPT machine to handle tubes up to 6 meters in length and 220mm in diameter. This level of customization ensures the machine is perfectly suited to meet the customer's unique production needs.

 During their visit, the customer was able to thoroughly inspect every aspect of the completed 1530SPT machine. They meticulously tested the cutting performance on both sheet metal and tube/pipe samples, and were very impressed with the speed, precision, and overall quality of the results.

Customers also having interests in a 4 in 1 laser welding machine

In addition to inspecting the 1530SPT laser cutting system, the customer also expressed keen interest in our 4-in-1 multi-functional laser welding machine. Under the guidance of our technical experts, the customer was able to operate this advanced system and witness its capabilities firsthand.
Trying out the laser rust removal function of a 4 in 1 handheld laser welding machine
 By the end of the visit, the customer was extremely satisfied, not only with the 1530SPT laser cutting machine, but also with the scale and capabilities of our overall manufacturing facility. They were impressed by the level of automation, quality control, and customer-centric service that DXTECH provides.
Advantages of 1530 SPT sheet and tube laser cutting machine
The 1530SPT fiber laser cutting machine offers several key advantages that make it an attractive solution for customers
  1. Fully enclosed, environmentally-friendly design for safe and clean operation
  2. Integrated sheet metal and tube/pipe cutting capability in a single, space-saving machine
  3. Customizable to handle large tube/pipe sizes up to 6m length and 220mm diameter
  4. Exceptional cutting speed, precision, and quality on a wide range of material
  5. Backed by DXTECH's industry-leading service and support
We're thrilled that our Belarusian customer left our factory feeling completely satisfied with both the 1530SPT machine and our overall capabilities as a manufacturer. We look forward to delivering this customized laser cutting system and continuing to provide exceptional products and service to support their future growth.
Don’t hesitate to leave me a message if you are also interested in giving a tour to DXTECH factory.

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