Successful After-sales Service of DXTECH Laser Metal Cutting Machine in Australia

In late May, DXTECH dispatched a team of two sales managers and a technical support engineer to Australia to provide installation guidance and after-sales service for two valued customers in the region. The comprehensive on-site visit across five major cities in Australia has now been completed, and the customers are highly impressed with the quality of DXTECH's machines as well as the professionalism and expertise of our service team.
DXTECH laser metal cutting machine in Melbourne

 During the multi-day engagement, the DXTECH representatives worked closely with the Australian customers to ensure their new laser cutting systems were properly installed and configured for optimal performance. The customers, who are leading manufacturers in their respective industries, were able to immediately begin utilizing the machines to cut a wide variety of material samples.
DXTECH laser metal cutting machine in Brisbane
One customer in Melbourne opted for DXTECH's 1530FP open-frame laser cutting machine, while the other from Brisbane selected the 1530SP fully enclosed model. Both machine types are renowned for their precision, efficiency, and suitability for high-volume production environments. The open-frame 1530FP offers excellent accessibility and visibility during operation, while the 1530SP's fully enclosed design provides enhanced safety and environmental control.

DXTECH laser metal cutting machines in Australia

  With the help of our after-sales technician, Melbourne client used the 1530FP laser metal cutting machine to cut multiple carbon steel decorations.
Metal decorations cut by Melbourne client using DXTECH 1530 FP
After learning how to use the machine, the Brisbane customer used the 1530 SP laser metal cutting machine to cut carbon steel plates of various thicknesses with satisfactory cutting results.
Carbon steel sheets cut by Brisbane customer with 1530SP

 Regardless of the specific machine configuration, the Australian customers were unanimous in their praise for the cutting capabilities of the DXTECH systems. They were able to achieve a remarkable level of accuracy and detail in their sample parts, significantly exceeding their expectations. The customers also highlighted the ease of use and intuitive controls of the machines, allowing their operators to become productive quickly.
"We are absolutely delighted with the performance of the DXTECH laser cutters," said Nancy Peters, Engineering Manager at one of the Australian customer sites. "The machines have delivered the productivity and quality we require, and the support from the DXTECH team has been world-class. We look forward to a long and successful partnership."
Sample cut by DXTECH laser metal cutting machine in Australia

 The successful completion of this after-sales service visit to Australia further reinforces DXTECH's commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction on a global scale. Our team of highly skilled technicians is available to provide on-site support, training, and ongoing maintenance to customers worldwide, guaranteeing optimal performance and maximum uptime for their DXTECH equipment. As we continue expanding our international footprint, you can count on DXTECH to deliver the superior products and services that our customers have come to expect.
We can also come to visit you and help install and teach you how to use the DXTECH laser metal cutting machine. Just leave me message, our specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

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