From the core components to choose the fiber laser marking machine

We all know that the marking machine is mainly composed of laser generator, vibration lens, cooling equipment, operating system and other major parts. Each part will affect the marking effect of the marking machine. Today, DX Tech will tell you what details you should pay attention to when choosing a marking machine.

Firstly, the choice of laser generator. The laser generator is one of the core components of the laser marking machine. It’s beam quality and photoelectric conversion rate directly affect the marking effect and the final quality of the work piece. The choice of lasers depends mainly on power and brand. The choice of power depends on the material being processed. The brand is mainly domestic and imported. In the case of a large budget, the laser of the imported brand is preferred, which is guaranteed in terms of quality and service life. 

Secondly, the choice of cooling equipment. Here are two details to check out for cooling equipment. Firstly, what is the speed of the cooling water? The faster the cooling water flow rate, the more helpful it is for heat dissipation. Secondly, check if the water pipe of the cooling system is leaking.

Thirdly, check the quality of the laser galvanometer. The galvanometer of the laser marking machine is one of the important factors affecting the marking pattern. The good galvanometer is beneficial to increase the electro-optical conversion rate of the laser marking machine, and at the same time improve the marking speed and graphic accuracy of the laser marking machine.

Fourth, the ease of operation. When choosing a laser marking machine, we should try to try it ourselves and choose a simple marking machine. This saves some training and maintenance costs.

Fifth, check whether the laser marking machine software is genuinely developed. There are a lot of pirated things on the market. The purchase of pirated copies is prone to a series of problems such as light leakage, power consumption, unstable performance, short service life and high maintenance cost. Therefore, we need to be cautious and improve our alertness.

Finally, supplier's after-sales service. Common after-sales services include the distribution, training, installation, commissioning, testing, etc. Good after-sales service allows users to buy a machine without having to worry about problems when the machine is in trouble. Therefore, we should consider these factors.

Therefore, when purchasing a marking machine, firstly, we must have a certain understanding of the marking machine, especially the core components of the machine. From the details to the overall understanding can greatly enhance the economic benefits. DX tech is definitely your best choice for laser equipment.

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