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With the complexity of the engraving process, traditional manual processing and machining are restricted by equipment and technology, which affects the quality of the product to a certain extent, and even more affects the economic benefits. The laser engraving machine engrave the material with the thermal energy of the laser. Compared with the traditional manual engraving method, the laser engraving machine has the advantages of wide application range, high processing precision and fast processing speed, especially in the processing effect, which is no less than the craft level of hand engraving. It is precisely because the laser engraving machine has so many advantages, it is gradually replacing the traditional engraving method as the main engraving equipment accepted by the majority of users. Today, follow the DXTECH to learn more the information about the co2 laser engraving machine.

Processing principle: The laser engraving machine is based on the numerical control technology, and takes the laser as the processing medium,to make physical denaturation of the melting and gasification of the processed material under laser irradiation to realize the processing purpose 

Processing material: It is suitable for wood, leather, cloth, plastic, two-color plate, glass, synthetic crystal, horn, cardboard, MDF, marble, jade and so on.

Processing areas: It widely used in advertising decoration industry, printing and packaging industry, leather clothing industry, model making industry, and handicraft industry.

Processing advantages:

1. Wide range: it can engrave almost any non-metallic material with a low price.
2. safe and reliable: Adopting non-contact processing, it will not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material. And it does not damage the surface of the work piece and  not deform the material.
3. High processing precision. Its processing accuracy can reach 0.02mm.
4. Saving environmental protection. Its beam and spot diameter is small within 0.5mm, which   saves more materials and more healthier to operate.
5. Consistent effect. It can ensure that the same batch of processing results are exactly the same.
6. High processing speed. It can immediately engrave according to the computer output pattern.
7. Low cost: It is suitable for small batch processing without limited by the amount of processing.

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