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DXTECH offers manual and automatic laser welding machines for different work. In addition, the handheld laser welders have several models integrating laser welding, laser cleaning of rust and laser cutting functions. The hot-sale laser power outputs are 1.5kW and 3kW, and of course you can choose 3kW laser if you need to weld deeper. The higher the laser power, the greater the welding thickness and the faster the welding speed.

Laser Welding Machine Samples

Laser welding machines have advantages such as small weld seam, small heat-affected zone, fast welding speed, and high welding quality, and are suitable for welding materials such as metal and plastic. They are widely used to welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and is unlikely to be restricted by the workpiece shapes.

One-Stop Metal Processing Solution

DXTECH's equipment can be flexibly combined into customized production lines to meet the individualized needs of different customers. One of our standard production line solutions includes: Laser cutting machine +Press brake machine + Laser welding machine, which can efficiently complete the full processing workflow from cutting to welding. No matter what metal processing equipment you need, DXTECH can tailor it for you.

Making Metal Welding More Precise and Simple

Are your current TIG or MIG welding machines struggling to keep up with the demands of your metal fabrication business? It may be time to consider an upgrade to the advanced laser welding technology offered by DXTECH.
Laser welding is rapidly becoming the preferred metal joining solution across the sheet metal processing industry. Compared to traditional arc welding methods, laser welding provides:

  • At least 4 times faster than TIG/MIG
  • More beautiful weld seams
  • No limitation to welding materials and shapes
  • Simple operation, no need for professional welders
  • No follow-up process that may be caused by traditional welding

Global Customer Use and Share

At DXTECH, we highly value customer feedback as it helps us to continuously improve and deliver exceptional products and services. We are always eager to hear from our customers and believe that such interactions are essential to our growth. We invite you to watch our video testimonials and witness the remarkable performance of our laser machines for yourself.

1kW 3 in 1 laser welding machine, 1kW FL laser cutting machine, bending machine
/ Highly Satisfied

From Malaysia

"DXTECH machines really help me a lot. We used to cut metal sheets with shears, but the laser cutting machine is so fast and has more accurate cuts. We’ve already received many orders after we use DXTECH machines."

1530EL3T220 exchange platform sheet and tube laser cutter
/ Highly Satisfied

From Israel

"We use it to cut complex patterns out of a 3mm stainless steel sheet immediately after we installed the machine. All our workers are satisfied with the cutting results."

Top-Purchased Models Worldwide

Discover our top-selling sheet metal laser cutting machine models around the world! We understand that choosing the right machine can be a challenge, but with our curated selection of globally popular models, you can be confident in your decision. Take a look and see which sheet metal laser cutting machine is trending globally!

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