•  TP-10S Synchronous Shaft CNC Press Brake for Carbon Steel Sheet Bending
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TP-10S Synchronous Shaft CNC Press Brake for Carbon Steel Sheet Bending

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The TP-10S synchronous shaft CNC press brake machine is a professional machine tool for bending sheet metal workpieces, and its core components include synchronized torsion shaft, swing arm and connecting rod. It works on the principle that the two ends of the slider can move up and down synchronously through the synchronized torque axis to meet the requirement of balance.


    High precision: The synchronus shaft CNC bending machine is characterized by high precision and stability, and its repeatability can reach 0.02mm, which ensures the consistency and precision of the processed parts.

    Easy to operate: The workers only need to input the step of the drawings for the approval of the bending operation can be carried out directly, the experience of the workers requires less.

    Energy saving: due to the electric alternative to hydraulic drive, torsion axis CNC bending machine in the operation process is almost no noise, and low energy consumption, has a very good energy-saving effect.

    Low maintenance costs: the synchronous shaft CNC bending machine has low maintenance costs, its core components have a long service life, and in the process of operation almost do not need too much maintenance.
TP-10S Synchronous Shaft CNC Press Brake for Carbon Steel Sheet Bending features

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Technical Parameters

Model 30T/1600 100T/2500 500T/3200
Control System TP10S TP10S TP10S
Number Of Control Axes 3 axes (Y1, Y2, X) 3 axes(Y1、Y2、X) 3+1 axes(Y1、Y2、X+V)
Nominal Force 300kN 1000kN 5000kN
Table Length 1600mm 2500mm 3200mm
Distance Between Columns 1340mm 2040mm 2710mm
Throat Depth 180mm 400mm 350mm
Slider Stroke 80mm 160mm 160mm
Opening Height 250mm 450mm 420mm
Control Accuracy ±0.01mm ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Electrical Components Schneider Schneider Schneider
Ball Screw TBI TBI TBI
Back Gauge Guide Rail HIWIN HIWIN HIWIN


Synchronous shaft CNC press brake machine is suitable for all kinds of sheet metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum plate, steel plate, etc. It can complete the bending of different shapes and sizes, such as right angle, arc, multi-section bending, etc. With the advantages of high precision, high stability, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection, the Twisted Shaft CNC Bending Machine is widely used in the industries of decoration and renovation, electrical appliances and power, kitchen and catering, wind communication, automobile and shipbuilding, and aerospace.


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