Laser Machine Applications in

Construction & Decoration

Laser Machine Applications in Construction & Decoration

The use of steel structures in the construction industry is becoming increasingly common. As a new type of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly construction system, it has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, and a durable surface. Additionally, metal screens, stainless steel railings, exterior building walls, roofs, and so on are also widely used.

Key Issues in Construction & Decoration

Transforming stainless steel plates into stainless steel products is a highly complex technical task, requiring numerous processes such as cutting, bending, welding, and other mechanical operations. Among them, cutting is a relatively important process. There are many traditional processing methods for cutting stainless steel, but their efficiency and quality of shaping are low and rarely meet the needs of mass production.

However, laser machines can help address these issues and meet these requirements in several ways, such as providing high precision, increasing productivity, ensuring consistent quality, and offering versatility.

What Can DXTECH Laser Machines Do in Construction & Decoration?

DXTECH laser sheet metal cutting machines are available with various laser power options (1 kW to 20 kW) and sizes (minimum 900×900 mm) for cutting steel, iron, aluminum, copper, and other metal sheets ranging from 0.4 mm to 100 mm in thickness.

Additionally, DXTECH also offers machines for laser cutting of pipes or integrated machines for laser cutting of both sheets and pipes, capable of cutting pipes up to 9 meters in length.

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DXTECH sheet metal bending machine can help bend metal parts and blanks at any angle, reducing manual labor, increasing efficiency, and maintaining consistency across batches of parts.

Hydraulic sheet bending presses are available with various standard pressures and bending lengths to meet the needs of bending sheets in small and large production cycles.

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DXTECH's laser welding machines come in both manual and automatic types to meet various welding requirements. Additionally, portable laser welders also feature multifunctional models that combine laser welding, laser cutting, and laser rust removal functions in one device.

Laser welding machines can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other metals with high efficiency and produce aesthetically pleasing welding results. They are easy to learn and operate, eliminating the need for experienced welders and reducing labor costs.

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If you require other processing stages, DXTECH also offers laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, and pipe bending machines, etc. We also provide comprehensive metal processing production lines for mass production and unmanned operation.

We can also customize the machine or production line according to your specific needs.

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DXTECH company sent two technicians to Italy in April of this year to provide on-site assistance in the installation and technical support of a laser cutting machine. We stayed there for 7 days to help them set up and test the laser cutting machine and teach them how to operate it. The Italian clients are very satisfied with our service and machines.


The Mongolian client has been using a DXTECH laser cutting machine for approximately two years. They use it for various projects involving cutting sheet metal for construction and decorative purposes. The client visited our factory in April of this year and is seeking opportunities for further cooperation.

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