Laser Machine Applications in

Automotive & shipbuilding

Laser Machine Applications in automotive & shipbuilding

Laser technology provides high precision, efficiency, and reliability in the manufacturing of automobiles and ships, contributing to improved product quality and production efficiency. Laser technology not only offers high precision, efficiency, and reliability in processing and treatment methods but also helps enhance product quality and production efficiency.

With over 12 years of laser machine R&D experience, DXTECH is committed to providing high quality machine tools and quality services to improve work efficiency and bring benefits to all Automotive and shipbuilding enterprises.

Laser Technology in Automotive and Shipbuilding

Laser cutting and laser welding are among the most common applications in the manufacturing of automobiles and ships. Laser cutting allows for precise cutting of metals and other materials, used in the production of body parts, chassis, and other structural components. Laser welding is employed to join metal parts, providing high strength and reliable welds.

Laser engraving and marking technology is utilized for identification, labeling, and engraving purposes in the automotive and shipbuilding processes. These markings can include serial numbers, part numbers, batch codes, brand logos, and other important information.

Laser technology can be applied to surface treatment and improvement to enhance the quality and performance of automotive and ship components. For instance, laser cleaning can remove dirt, paint, coatings, and oxides from surfaces, ensuring proper adhesion and coating.

What Can DXTECH Laser Machines Do in Automotive & shipbuilding?

In automotive and shipbuilding manufacturing, fiber-optic laser cutting can be used for cutting and processing various metal materials such as steel sheets, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, etc., for the production of automotive components and structural parts of the ship's hull, such as body panels, doors, hoods, frames, chassis, etc.

Additionally, DXTECH also offers machines for laser cutting of pipes or integrated machines for laser cutting of both sheets and pipes, capable of cutting pipes up to 9 meters in length.

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DXTECH pipe laser cutting machine is equipped with a laser source ranging from 1 kW to 4 kW, allowing it to meet various customer requirements and utilize different configurations for cutting stainless steel and carbon steel pipes.

Furthermore, this machine can be used in conjunction with appropriate software to cut steel profiles in L-shaped, U-shaped, and other forms, satisfying diverse requirements for cutting shapes.

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DXTECH sheet metal bending machine can help bend metal parts and blanks at any angle, reducing manual labor, increasing efficiency, and maintaining consistency across batches of parts.

Hydraulic sheet bending presses are available with various standard pressures and bending lengths to meet the needs of bending sheets in small and large production cycles.

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If you require other processing stages, DXTECH also offers laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, and pipe bending machines, etc. We also provide comprehensive metal processing production lines for mass production and unmanned operation.

We can also customize the machine or production line according to your specific needs.

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Turkish clients who own a medium-sized metal processing facility purchased these two laser machines from DXTECH earlier this year. Recently, we sent our after-sales service engineers to their factory to provide on-site technical support and recommendations. The Turkish clients are satisfied with the quality and performance of our machines.


The Serbian client has acquired a 6-kilowatt laser cutter for production in their factory. This laser cutter combines the cutting of sheet metal and tubes, significantly reducing the cost of purchasing two machines and increasing productivity by at least 30%. Additionally, it is equipped with a fully enclosed protective enclosure, reducing environmental pollution and ensuring operator safety.

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