Laser Machine Applications in

advertising & artwork

Laser Machine Applications in advertising & artwork

Laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, metal bending machines, and channel bending machines are widely and diversely used in the advertising industry. Laser cutting machines are utilized for precise cutting of various materials, welding machines enable strong metal connections, cleaning machines ensure the cleanliness of advertising product surfaces, while bending machines and letter folding machines are employed for creating various shapes and letters.

These machines enhance the efficiency and quality of advertising production, making them suitable for the production of a wide range of advertising products and components such as signs, billboards, display racks, letters, and signage. They meet the demands for personalization, exquisite design, and durability.

What Can DXTECH Laser Machines Do in Advertising & artwork?

This small fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a compact working table and a fully enclosed cover. The dimensions of the working table are available in 900×900mm, 1300×900mm, and 1300×1300mm. It is capable of cutting most metal sheets, such as steel, aluminum, copper, and brass, up to a thickness of 20mm.

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The DXTECH coil laser cutter is capable of cutting metal coils up to 3mm thick, making it an ideal tool for cutting thin and delicate metals used in the production of signage and advertising materials.

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DXTECH's laser welding machines come in both manual and automatic types to meet various welding requirements. Additionally, portable laser welders also feature multifunctional models that combine laser welding, laser cutting, and laser rust removal functions in one device.

Laser welding machines can weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and other metals with high efficiency and produce aesthetically pleasing welding results. They are easy to learn and operate, eliminating the need for experienced welders and reducing labor costs.

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The laser cleaning machine has become increasingly popular in advertising industries due to its high efficiency and precision. It is capable of removing rust, paint, oil, and other contaminants from metal surfaces without damaging the underlying material, making it ideal for cleaning various machine parts, including gears, bearings, shafts, and molds.

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If you require other processing stages, DXTECH also offers laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines, and pipe bending machines, etc. We also provide comprehensive metal processing production lines for mass production and unmanned operation.

We can also customize the machine or production line according to your specific needs.

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Guatemala customers bought a CO2 laser cutting machine with a worktable size of 1600x1000mm and an enclosed structure to conduct their laser cutting projects. They mainly cut acrylic sheets, mdf, and plywood sheets. Customers were satisfied with this machine.


In order to expand business and improve metal cutting efficiency, Mr. Martin, a customer from Slovakia, found us online and requested a laser cutting machine for sheets and tubes. The FPT series laser cutting machine can fully meet his cutting requirements./p>

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